Top 9 things to do in Manhattan Beach, CA

Two girls preparing to sufr in Manhattan Beach

Known for its historic pier, exciting beach volleyball tournaments, and multi-million dollar homes, Manhattan Beach is undoubtedly one of the best places in Southern California. The coastal city is brimming with activities, making it a magnet for those seeking Manhattan Beach real estate.

Here are the top activities:

  1. Visit the Manhattan Beach Pier
  2. An iconic location, the 928-foot Manhattan Beach Pier is the oldest concrete pier on the West Coast. This historic landmark on Manhattan Beach Boulevard offers a stunning sunset view and a variety of beach activities. Visitors are welcome to surf, fish, take a stroll, and enjoy what the pier has to offer.

  3. Visit the Roundhouse Aquarium
  4. Located at the Manhattan Beach Pier, the Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab & Aquarium is another historic landmark that has inspired and fascinated visitors throughout the years. Various exhibits, galleries, and special programs serve as learning opportunities and provide hours of fun. The popular aquarium houses over 100 marine animals such as moon jellies, lobsters, octopus, sea cucumbers, and sharks.

  5. Walk along The Strand
  6. The Strand, which is also known as the Marvin Braude Bike Trail, is a 22-mile path from Pacific Palisades to Torrance. Around two miles of this trail pass through Manhattan Beach, making it the perfect path to take a walk or ride your bike.

  7. Spend a day in Sand Dune Park
  8. Named after the 100-foot-high sand dunes in the nature area, Sand Dune Park is a popular outdoor spot in Manhattan Beach. Looking for a good workout? Try walking or running up the dunes. There’s also a three-acre park on Bell Avenue offering a playground, shaded picnic areas, and drinking fountains.

  9. Attend a concert in Polliwog Park
  10. Every year from the end of June to the first of September, OneWestBank holds a free summer concerts at Polliwog Park. The Manhattan Beach Concerts in the Park features an exciting lineup of local bands, from up-and-coming acts to headliners. The audience is encouraged to bring blankets, lawn chairs, and picnic food.

  11. Stay fit
  12. Manhattan Beach is one of the best places to stay fit and healthy. Whether you want to walk, run, bike, skate, or play beach volleyball, this beach city has the perfect spot for you.

    Beach volleyball is especially popular. Volleyball nets are set up along the beach for public use. Classes on the sport and clubs for all ages are available as well. You can also watch (or participate!) in beach volleyball tournaments held during summer.

  13. Go on a shopping spree
  14. Manhattan Beach is home to three shopping areas: Downtown Manhattan Beach, Manhattan Village, and North Manhattan Beach. For the best finds, head to Downtown Manhattan Beach. The large shopping area offers over 100 locally produced clothing, jewelry, accessories, and home décor. Browse bookstores, too.

  15. Check out the restaurant scene
  16. From casual seafood eateries to farm-to-table restaurants, Manhattan Beach never runs out of great places to eat. In this dining destination, you’ll find the cuisine that satisfies your cravings, including Vietnamese, Italian, and Mexican fare.

  17. Catch the sunset
  18. No other city has the best sunset spots than Manhattan Beach. Some of the best places to watch the sunset are in Manhattan Beach Pier, The Strand, Downtown Manhattan Beach, and Bruce’s Beach.

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