8 tips to help you decorate your luxury condo

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Luxurious living room setup

Decorating a luxury condo is a fun, yet challenging process. There are a number of elements that you need to consider in order to create a cohesive and stylish look. Check out these tips below:

  1. Know your style
  2. The first step to decorating your luxury condominium is knowing your style preference. Are you partial to the symmetry of classic interior design? Or, do you prefer mixing and matching? Some of the most popular interior design styles that you can draw inspiration from are Contemporary, Scandinavian, Urban Modern, and Mid-Century Modern.

    Search for possible home decoration themes or styles by checking interior design websites and browsing through home decoration magazines.

  3. Find a focal point
  4. Having a focal point is a fundamental element when designing your luxury condo. A focal point is the feature or element in your space that catches the eye and serves to anchor the room. Once you decide on your focal point, it becomes easier to decorate the space because you can determine the layout and color scheme of the room based on the highlighted element.

    Look to architectural features such as windows, fireplaces, or built-in shelving as possible focal points. You can also create your own through accent walls, artwork, backsplashes, and statement pieces and furniture. Remember to have only one focal point per room.

  5. Stick to neutral paint colors
  6. Neutral colors such as white, off-white, gray, black, beige, ivory, greige, and taupe provide the perfect base to any home design. These colors also give the home a classic, modern, and luxurious feel. Looking for a pop of color? Add a bold statement piece, plants, or colorful pillows and throws.

  7. Choose lighting that enhances your design
  8. There are three types of lighting that can give your luxury condo a sophisticated look. Ambient lighting such as overhead recessed lighting, chandeliers, and hanging light fixtures provide general illumination. As its name suggests, task lighting is directed at work areas like kitchen counters and desks. And accent lights highlight specific areas like a feature wall or shelving, as well as objects like artwork. Most rooms use a combination of all three.

  9. Add area rugs
  10. Rugs are the perfect addition to your luxury condo. Aside from bringing warmth and character to a room, they also make the space feel more polished. Rugs can add warmth to a room, or make it feel lighter. They can finish off an overall look or be used to delineate areas in an open floor plan. Rugs can also provide contrast to the general theme of a room, such as opting for intricate Turkish rugs in a sleek Mid-Century Modern interior.

  11. Decorate with mirrors
  12. Just like windows, mirrors help enhance the light in your luxury condo and create the illusion of more space. Mirrors are best placed near the front door, in a long hallway, and over the fireplace. When shopping for decorative mirrors, don’t just consider their design; think, too, of their size and scale in relation to the areas of the condo you plan to hang them in.

  13. Incorporate art
  14. Whether it’s a painting, a unique sculpture, or a signed limited edition print, art is your personal statement piece. It can even serve as your focal point. If you already own prized art, look for a place in your condo where it fits best. Don’t worry if the style doesn’t match the décor you have in mind – it can be the eclectic element in your overall design. Or, think about changing the frame of a painting to suit the look of your interiors. If you’re buying a new piece, you can consider the color, size, and type of artwork in relation to your décor.

  15. Make it even more personal
  16. In addition to a piece of art that reflects your taste, you can personalize your space even more by putting family photos, travel souvenirs, or a special collection on display. All serve to turn an impersonal condominium into a home that’s truly yours.

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