Why it’s great to invest in Malibu real estate right now

Malibu beach

Malibu beach

The world may be at a standstill because of the coronavirus outbreak, but Malibu real estate is still reeling in investors. If you’re one of them and looking for a property to add to your portfolio, here are a couple of reasons why Malibu luxury real estate is a great market to explore.

It’s in one of the best locations in the country

Only a few places in the United States can boast being situated in such an idyllic and accessible location. Malibu sits on a coastal corridor between the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, with the iconic Pacific Coast Highway traversing through its length.

Equal parts of mountain and ocean aside, Malibu can be easily reached from Downtown Los Angeles and Santa Monica. On the opposite side, you can embark on a great road trip to Northern California, Oregon, and beyond.

There is a great range of investment properties

Malibu’s location is so inspiring, it’s easy to see why residents and real estate developers helped create a market with such a vast array of properties. Homes for sale in Malibu CA come in different colors, sizes, and architectural styles.

You can opt for highly coveted beachfront properties, cozy homes in between the mountains and the beach, or sprawling ranch properties where you can have a rare glimpse of the Malibu of old. If buying an investment property up on the hills is more to your liking, you can find fantastic options in Malibu’s luxury real estate as well.

Malibu is surrounded in prestige and history

Malibu isn’t just a highly sought after place to live and real estate market to invest in because of its location. The entire city is surrounded by history which further adds to its prestige.

Historical records say that Malibu has been around since 2,500 BC as a flourishing Native American settlement, but its more recent history is what sparks a lot of interest. Prior to becoming a public area where everyone is invited to visit, Malibu was a huge private ranch owned by the Rindge family. It’s a story fit for a Hollywood movie.

And speaking of Hollywood, Malibu is also rich in film and TV history. For the longest time, this coastal enclave has been a popular spot for TV and film productions. You might recognize some of the spots in Malibu from popular projects such as The OC, Two and a Half Men, and The Rockford Files, among others.

It’s a haven for outdoor recreation

Malibu’s location not only blesses the community with grand views and great accessibility. It also offers plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities.

Surf, play beach volleyball, go diving or whale watching, explore the caves and tide pools, or perhaps go to the mountains and hike, scale rock formations, go bathe in a waterfall, or admire the local and migrant bird population. The outdoor activities here in Malibu are endless.

Invest Malibu luxury real estate with Marco de Longeville Luxury Realty. You won’t regret it. Get in touch with us at [mail_to email=”marc.delongeville@sothebys.realty”]marc.delongeville@sothebys.realty[/mail_to] or 213.675.0197.

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