Kitchen Remodeling Tradeoffs to Consider

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Let’s face it: not everyone has the resources to say, “Sky’s the limit!” when planning on renovating their kitchen. So we learn to weigh our options carefully to come up with the new kitchen that balances what we want to see in it and the budget we have.

In studying our options, we first have to ask the ultimate question:

What do you need your kitchen for?

Before, the kitchen area was simply meant for cooking. Now, with trends in home improvement, a kitchen is all about cooking and more. You have to take note of those other factors on top of the kitchen’s utilitarian function so you can set the goals you want to achieve in this endeavor.

Do you like having friends and/or family over and cooking for them? Do you want to move around in your kitchen without bumping into things? Or do you want to stay organized and neat as you cook? These are just some questions that point to your goals for your renovation.

Everyday Cooking vs. Cooking for Special Occasions

You probably only cook for yourself and another person on a daily basis. However, your home becomes the main venue for family gatherings on holidays. You will want to have a kitchen with enough wiggle room and plus-sized appliances. That way, whether you’re cooking for 2 or for 50, you’ll be able to move around in your remodeled kitchen space.

Moreover, whether you eventually put your home on sale or hand it to the next generation, your kitchen will have enough space to accommodate any number of people who will be using it in the future.

Budget vs. Convenience and Form

There lies a fine balance between trying to stay within budget and selecting top-quality materials for your kitchen remodeling. You need to consider these:

  • Their contribution to your life improvement;
  • Their problem-solving capabilities;
  • Their importance in making a home whole; and
  • Their capacity to raise your home’s value at resale.

A state-of-the-art kitchen appliance, despite the high price tag, may sometimes be the more sensible option for your kitchen. Consider how it can shorten and ease your work – this may be the wisest choice to make.

You can also try to find an alternative item for the one you want to have. For example, you can use a durable soapstone solid surface for a kitchen countertop in place of the more expensive marble material. Later on, when finances are better, you can then upgrade your countertop to marble.

Now vs. Later

Who doesn’t want a kitchen remodeling project done in the soonest time possible? More than anything, you’d want to be over and done with the mess caused by the construction. But speed isn’t everything. You may realize that after settling for the second-best material for your kitchen because what you wanted wasn’t available, you could’ve just waited for another week for new stocks and bought your first choice.

It helps to ask yourself how long you intend to stay in your home when making these tradeoffs. If you plan on selling the house within the next five years, then your budget should be just enough for you to have a return in your investment. But if you found your forever home already, then you can aim for the finest fixtures, materials, and appliances to make your life here much better.

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