A Guide to Hermosa Beach’s Fantastic Murals

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Hermosa Beach Murals

Hermosa Beach has become famous for its series of commissioned murals found in key areas of the city. These murals capture the eclectic life in Hermosa Beach in various eras and in a dazzling myriad of colors.

How it Began

Local community leader Chuck Sheldon was so inspired by murals he and his friends saw in other California communities that he decided to replicate it in his home city. In 2009, he and several neighbors opened a non-profit group named The Hermosa Beach Project. The first mural was first revealed to the public in 2011.

Here is a description of each mural:

Beautiful Hermosa Beach, Pier Avenue Circa 1924
14th and Hermosa Avenue, north-facing wall of Parking Lot C

This Art Mortimer artwork depicts a busy day in Hermosa Beach in the 20s. While several establishments here still stand up to now, others like the old Hermosa Pharmacy and a dancing pavilion have been replaced by more modern buildings.

A Splash of Hermosa
140 Pier Avenue Southwest corner Manhattan Avenue

This mural by Hermosa Beach local artist Chris Coakley depicts a young girl splashing paint on a blank wall to reveal a segment of Hermosa Beach circa 1909. The said segment of the beach was based on actual photos from that period provided by the Hermosa Beach Historical Society.

West Coast Jazz
Corner 1007 Hermosa Avenue and 11th Court, north-facing wall

This 2013 masterpiece by John Pugh celebrates West Coast jazz and the musicians responsible for its growth. The main subject in this mural is a trumpet being played by a musician seen only through his fingers. Reflected inside the trumpet are jazz legends like Chet Baker, Gerry Mulligan, and Howard Rumsey.

Hermosa Swimwear Evolves
Corner 500 Pier Avenue and Cypress Avenue, west-facing wall

The evolution of swimwear in the past century is depicted in eight frames in this mural by Steve Shriver. The last frame though has an ambiguous character in it. This is said to be the future of swimwear fashion which has yet to be realized.

Hermosa’s Great Wave
Corner Hermosa Avenue and 14th Street, north-facing wall

If you’re familiar with the iconic cover of the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour album, then you will recognize the style of its artist, John Van Hamersveld, in this mural. In the crazy swaths of neon colors and figures are three surfers holding surfboards from different eras. The mural is a depiction of the development of the surfboard over time.

Volleyball in Hermosa
Corner 13th and Beach Drive, west-facing wall

Artist Bo Bridges captures beach volleyball athletes preparing for the smash amid a beach background at dusk.

Lifeguards in Hermosa (before 1935)
Corner 13th and Hermosa Avenue, east-facing wall

Filipino-Canadian artist Joanna Garel painted this relatively minimalist mural of Hermosa Beach lifeguards in action.

Punk and Skate in Hermosa 70s and 80s
Corner 13th and Hermosa Avenue, south-facing wall

The colors and psychedelic vibe of the 70s and 80s are captured in this edgy mural by Daniel Inez.

Beatnik Alley
Corner Pier Plaza and Beach Drive, west-facing wall

There is nothing quite like the boho culture of Hermosa Beach, as well as the people and other notable icons responsible for it. Their influences on this Hermosa Beach vibe are perfectly encapsulated in this recently-unveiled mural by Timothy Robert Smith.

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