How to Sell High-End Real Estate

luxury homes for sale in Malibu, CA

Truth be told, selling a luxury home is not for the faint of heart. The higher the price tag on your property, the longer it languishes in the market. You will also be dealing with a niche group of buyers with a lot of money to spend. However, they will only part with their money if your property can cater to their distinct taste.

The state of California also boasts a dizzying cornucopia of luxury homes with their own unique selling points. Some come with state-of-the-art indoor conveniences and security systems. Others keep up with the latest design trends. Still others are secluded enough to provide the utmost privacy. But many of these California upscale residences, including Malibu luxury real estate, have one thing in common: they’re located by the waterfront.

So how do you keep up with the fierce competition for high-end homebuyers? Here are some tips to help you out:

  1. You definitely need a specialized agent
  2. A regular agent just will not do. There is a particular type of agent who specializes in selling high-end real estate. These experts have one distinct characteristic: they have solid connections within the industry. They know fellow agents also dealing with your niche homebuyers and can make referrals. This kind of agent will pull in deserving buyers by using a more personalized marketing strategy. Moreover, they’ll be the best advisers in helping you come up with a good price tag for your luxury home.

  3. Professional staging is the key
  4. We’re talking about the upper crust of the housing market here. Thus, you need to stage your home in such a way that potential homebuyers will be able to imagine themselves living in it and enjoying its amenities. And since luxury homes have usually been custom-built to suit personal tastes, you’ll need a professional stager to bring back the more generic feel. At the same time, a pro’s keen eye will know the best areas of your home to prep and feature.

  5. Public home viewings are so…pedestrian
  6. Once again, remember that your target market for your upscale property is a niche group. So, by all means, give them the red carpet treatment by scheduling private home viewings. Let your real estate agent help you to set up this invite-only event. This protects you from playing host to everyone from serious buyers to those who only want to use your home as an Instagram background. Plus, the potential homebuyer also wins because of the aura of prestige given to them in these private home viewings.

  7. Highlight what your property has that others don’t
  8. In marketing, this is called the unique selling proposition. Sure, almost every luxury home may have stylish hardwood flooring — but do they have a spa-like bathroom with a built-in Jacuzzi? Lovely home features such as these should dominate every marketing material and figure in most photos of the property to reel your favored homebuyers in.

  9. But wait…there’s more!
  10. Nothing can draw in more interested home buyers than a beautiful property with a perk or two thrown in the purchase. Perhaps you can part with your Victorian sofa or your antique bronze mirror just to sweeten the deal?

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