Best ways to spend a day or weekend in California’s Redondo Beach

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Redondo Beach at sunset time

Redondo Beach at sunset time

Looking for a quick getaway that doesn’t involve long rides? Then come to Redondo Beach, where everything is accessible via a beachside walk or short cab ride.

Here’s what to do on a short trip to South Bay’s Redondo Beach in Los Angeles County.

Dine and chill out in restaurants or bars overlooking the ocean

The moment you arrive here, you’ll probably be starving from the trip and need to grab some grub. Or maybe you’d like to check out the beach at once. You can actually do both simultaneously when you make your first stop at the Redondo Beach Pier.

This landmark pier is where you’ll find an array of excellent restaurants. Kincaid’s is a great first choice for heavy meals while taking in the gorgeous ocean views. For a delicious fresh seafood meal, go to Captain Kidd’s, a local favorite. Here, you can choose a dish from the kitchen menu or select a cut of fish directly from the fish case.

Fancy a cold beer, wine or margarita? The pier is still your go-to place for a taste of Redondo Beach nightlife where bars are a-plenty. Chill out with friends while sipping on your favorite drink and watching the sunset in its full splendor. (Pro tip: Take lots of IG-worthy photos!)

Get some Vitamin Sea and enjoy various water activities

You’re in one of South Bay’s picture-perfect coastal cities. Why not go to the beach and try some exciting activities?

At the south of the pier, you’ll find Redondo Beach’s sandy area. Take a stroll at the shore or lounge at the beach with your favorite book while munching on your favorite snacks and drinks. Just make sure to bring your trash with you as you leave.

On the other hand, if you’re up for unique and thrilling adventures, then go sport fishing! Who knows, you may just catch a halibut, mackerel, yellowtail, or more on your first try. You can also rent a kayak or paddleboard and give it a go in the bay’s crystal-clear protected waters.

Of course, swimming is a default activity you can engage in here. But if you like your water calmer, head over to Seaside Lagoon where they offer a saltwater pool surrounded by a sandy, artificial beach.

Stop by boutiques and souvenir shops before leaving Redondo Beach

Need a souvenir of your Redondo Beach trip? Just walk south from the pier along the oceanfront sidewalk or drive south on Catalina Avenue – you’ll be in the Riviera Village in no time. Get into a shopping frenzy with the cornucopia of stores here from art galleries to jewelry shops and fashion boutiques.

Buy some shiny trinkets for you or your loved one at Finley’s Jewelers; look for special gift items in Huckleberry’s Fine Gifts; check out the latest kiddie clothes in Lollipop; and show some island vibe with bohemian goodies from The Aloha Bungalow. There are many more stores here to visit, but when you want to wind down from your shopping, The Riviera Village also has some choice dining spots for you.

Redondo Beach, your ultimate vacation destination and dream home location

This is only a glimpse of what you can do in and around Redondo Beach. If you want to experience all the finest things this place can offer, then consider settling here.

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