15 Reasons Why You Should Move to Malibu, CA

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  • Malibu has a plethora of stunning beaches that are perfect for sun worshippers and outdoor enthusiasts. In this iconic Southern California city, you will find over 27 miles of scenic coastal beauty, including ones that are lined with gorgeous waterfront homes.
  • If you’re searching for luxury homes for sale in Malibu, CA, the city has plenty to offer for buyers of all age groups and lifestyle. This world-famous beach destination boasts of a diverse, family-friendly community with many homes and neighborhoods to choose from.
  • Nothing compares to the unique properties in Malibu. The city’s real estate offerings is comprised of spacious waterfront abodes, townhomes, apartments, and condos that come in a variety of sizes, colors, and architectural styles. You’ll even discover hidden hillside retreats and larger lots for sale.
  • Aside from Malibu’s luxurious real estate offerings, the fantastic restaurants and local boutiques and shops are another reason why you should move to this Southern California city. Whether you’re in need of retail therapy or looking to experience the local dining scene, Malibu has what you need.

Living in Malibu, you won’t need to go far or travel to another city to enjoy good waves for an early morning surf session, eat fresh seafood, or hike and see panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and this pocket of Los Angeles County. The best of Southern California is perfectly condensed in Malibu’s almost 20 square miles of total area. Everything you could ever need for the quintessential SoCal lifestyle, it’s right here.

Let me elaborate further by giving you 15 perfectly valid reasons why you should pack your bags and move to the ‘Bu as soon as possible.

  1. The weather is unmatched Sunny days most of the year is nothing new in Southern California, for sure, especially if you already live in a beach city. But if you want to enjoy weather that’s just right all year round, come and live in Malibu. Malibu locals get to spend their days with the sun up high and the ocean breeze gently cooling the entire community. What we have here is a pleasant Mediterranean climate. Summers are dry but never get too hot, so you don’t have to worry about being scorched.
  2. There are over 10 beaches to explore and experience With over 27 miles of scenic coastal beauty, it’s no secret that Malibu has no shortage when it comes to beaches. And for some, this geographic feature has become an important part of everyday life. There’s a beach for everyone here in Malibu. You can rotate your favorites and visit different ones throughout the year. And if ever the beach you intend to go to just so happens to be swarmed by tourists for the meantime, you can easily drive to another one.

    So, which beach is most likely to be your favorite? It depends on the kind of beach experience you’re looking for. Zuma Beach is the archetypal SoCal beach with its wide stretch of sand, a whole array of amenities, and some surfing. El Matador Beach is among the most scenic with its rock formations, constantly semi-wet from the waves. Malibu Lagoon State Beach is also beautiful, with several hidden treats beneath the sand and waves. There are occasional tidal streams and tidal pools that are always a joy to discover. Meanwhile, Carbon Beach only has a narrow shoreline that disappears during high tide, but the main attraction here are the billion-dollar beachfront properties.

    We only mentioned four of the beaches in Malibu. If you want to know more, you just simply have to go.

  3. There are so many neighborhoods to choose from Most people think that Malibu is only for the rich and the famous, with its expensive beachfront properties and all that jazz. And with this idea, it’s easy to get intimidated. The reality is quite on the contrary, however. Malibu isn’t just upscale beachfront properties and rich people looking to play. The community is diverse, made up of residents from different age groups, with different tastes and different lifestyles. This is best reflected by the sheer variety of neighborhoods in Malibu. Aside from the perpetually coveted Malibu Colony and the ever-famous Carbon Beach, there’s the small equestrian community of Winding Way, with a well-kept network of riding trails. Malibu Canyon is in the same vein, a place to be for horse lovers. If sleek contemporary homes are more to your style, there’s Broad Beach, Malibu Cove Colony, and Escondido Beach.

    If you want to live in a neighborhood that offers both worlds, you’ll find those in Malibu as well. Serra Retreat, Encinal Bluffs, Point Dume, Topanga Beach, Malibu West, and Bonsall Canyon might be more to your liking. And just as Malibu’s neighborhoods reflect the diversity of lifestyles, they also act as perfect treasure chests for our next point.

  4. The Malibu real estate market is amazing. As you explore each neighborhood, you will also find the best homes in Malibu. And there are plenty. Closer to the shore are the beachfront homes for sale in Malibu CA, which can be sleek and modern or in different architectural styles. Waterfront pied-a-terres and condos can also be found in this part of the market. Slightly further inland, there is a greater mix of homes for sale in Malibu, CA. Single-family homes, condos, apartments, and townhomes will be all spread out in different sizes, colors, and architectural styles. In this part, you might also find ranch properties that are still close enough to the sea.

    Higher up into the hills, the real estate market will start to include hidden hillside retreats, larger lots, and communities that offer riding and hiking trails that lead up to the mountains. The other half of luxury homes for sale in Malibu CA, in the form of water-view properties up in the bluffs and such, are also found here.

    To learn more about Malibu real estate market, get in touch with Marco de Longeville Luxury Realty at [mail_to email=”marc.delongeville@sothebys.realty”]marc.delongeville@sothebys.realty[/mail_to] or 213.675.0197. You can also start browsing homes for sale in Malibu, CA here.

  5. Malibu has a long and storied surf culture The waves that break on the Malibu shoreline can be rough, and when the timing and conditions are right, they form Malibu’s world-famous surfing breaks. If riding the waves is your thing, whether professionally or during your free time, then there is no better place to live in Southern California than Malibu.The ‘Bu’s surfing culture dates all the way back to the 1920s, when the community’s first surfers braved the waves at what we now know today at Surfrider Beach. Local legend has it that former lifeguard Tom Blake and his friend Sam Reid were the first to do so in 1926. During this time, Malibu was still more or less the Rindge family’s private property. To surf here, you had to smuggle in your surfboard or find a hole in a fence to crawl through.

    Thankfully, there’s no need to hide in order to surf in Malibu these days. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or a beginner, you can find a wave to ride or a surf school to teach you how. Read more about the ‘Bu’s surf culture and history here.

  6. Great schools add to Malibu’s family-friendly appeal Malibu is more than just a surfing and tourist destination. It can be a great place to live, especially if you are raising your own family. There are a plethora of community facilities and amenities, not to mention outstanding schools, whether public or private.The public schools in Malibu are all under the supervision of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District. These include Malibu Elementary School, Malibu High School, Webster Elementary School, and Malibu Middle School.

    Pepperdine University is also located in Malibu, just north of the Malibu Colony neighborhood. Meanwhile, UCLA is less than an hour’s drive away.

  7. The Malibu Farmers Market is hyperlocal and an integral part of the community Farmers markets in Los Angeles can get especially crowded, but the Malibu Farmers Market is low-key enough that you’ll still get to enjoy the local vibe. It’s held every Sunday of the year at the Malibu Library Parking Lot along Civic Center Way. Although it’s considerably smaller than other farmers markets, you’ll find a lot here. Treat yourself to farm-fresh and seasonal local produce, some fresh catch from the ocean, freshly baked goods and other artisan products from small, family-owned businesses, and even a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers to adorn your new home in Malibu.
  8. Malibu is also a shopper’s haven Whether you’re out to do groceries or just want some retail therapy for yourself, you’ll find your needs met without stepping one foot outside of Malibu. There are a bevy of local shops and specialty boutiques here, offering everything from fresh flowers for your home, the latest in fashion, and furniture to unique gifts and merchandise sourced from different parts of the world.
  9. The local dining scene will keep your taste buds wanting for more Malibu’s culinary scene might be small compared to neighboring Santa Monica and Downtown Los Angeles, but it is no less charming and filled to the brim with delicious offerings. Here are five of our favorites:

    • Malibu Seafood for crowd favorites such as fish ‘n chips, fried scallop sandwich, and grilled seafood like halibut, sandwich, and oysters.
    • Cholada Thai Beach Cuisine for the most authentic Thai food in this part of Los Angeles County.
    • Broad Street Oyster Company for their oysters (of course), as well as lobster rolls, crab cakes, snow crab claws, chowder, and more.
    • Neptune’s Net is another go-to place for seafood and burgers, served alongside a generous serving of Malibu history (it’s been around since the 1950s!)
  10. Malibu’s history is not one to be missed Part of any city or town’s identity is its history, and Malibu’s is long, excited, and filled with interesting characters and events.Malibu started out as a Chumash settlement thousands of years ago. They were the first ones to find a way to access the area despite the rough water. It was also from them that the name Malibu came, as they christened the area Humaliwo, which means “the surf sleeps soundly.”

    Fast forward to the age of conquest when the Spanish finally reached the New World. Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo was said to have claimed the Malibu area for the King of Spain, but they didn’t settle the area until the early 19th century. Rancho Malibu was created and granted to Jose Bartolome Tapia, Malibu’s first recorded owner.

    Following Tapia’s death, the ranch changed hands several times until it came under the ownership of Frederick and May Rindge in 1891. Rancho Malibu became the Rindge family’s sprawling and private paradise until the construction of the Pacific Coast Highway and other development threatened their way of life. For years, the Rindge matriarch tried to keep the property within the family, but alas, did not succeed.

  11. The local events Adding some spice to local life in Malibu is just the right dose of local events, some regular annual affairs that draw tens of thousands of people to the coastal community. These events include the Malibu Arts Festival, the Malibu International Film Festival, and the Malibu Triathlon.
  12. Malibu’s arts and culture spots are divine The beautiful scenery in Malibu is continuously inspiring artists of different styles and mediums to get creative. And so, the city is home to a small but thriving artist community. You can see or watch some of them work at places such as the Malibu Playhouse, the Malibu Film Society, and the aforementioned international film festival.Other arts and cultural attractions in Malibu include The Getty Villa, the California Surf Museum, and the Lisa Smith Wengler Center for the Arts at Pepperdine University.
  13. There are many hiking trails to explore in Malibu Some days, when you’ve had enough of the ocean, you can easily turn to the direction of the Santa Monica Mountains and watch miles and miles of trails unfurl before you, ready to take you to the top. But if you’d rather stay close to the sea, there are still several coastal hikes to choose from.Some of the most recommended hiking spots in Malibu include the Charmlee Wilderness Park, the two-mile long Saddle Peak Trail that will take you up the sixth highest peak in the Santa Monica Mountains, and the Sandstone Peak hike if you want to go even higher.
  14. You can watch the whales from Malibu The waters off of Malibu are part of gray whale migration routes. So, if you want to catch a rare glimpse of these majestic giants, head to any one of the whale watching points in Malibu from early December through May. Point Dume is one of the best places to go to for this activity.If you’re lucky, you might even get to see other kinds of whales. Residents and avid whale watchers who frequent Malibu have said they also spotted blue whales, humpback whales, and minke whales, as well as dolphins, from the Malibu coast.
  15. Malibu is also wine country Malibu wines may not be as well known as that from other parts of California, but winemaking has long been part of the community. Although Malibu only became an American Viticulture Area in 2013, records indicate that winemaking here dates back to the 1800s during the Spanish occupation. This makes Malibu the oldest viticultural area in the state!There are many wineries and vineyards to check out, such as Malibu Family Wines, Malibu Solstice Vineyards, and Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards.

Become a ‘Bu local

Marco de Longeville Luxury Realty can help you get started on making your move, starting with finding the best homes in Malibu according to your lifestyle and other preferences. Get in touch with me today at [mail_to email=”marc.delongeville@sothebys.realty”]marc.delongeville@sothebys.realty[/mail_to] or 213.675.0197.

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