10 worthwhile things to do at home during the COVID-19 outbreak

Young woman reading

Young woman reading

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the modern way of life like no other phenomenon in recent history. But it doesn’t mean we have to live with doom and gloom over our heads every day.

Aside from regular activities like working from home, having video calls with colleagues and friends, and clocking in your daily exercise routines, here are 10 more enjoyable ways to while away the time you spend indoors:

  1. Catch up with the books on your unread pile

    Practically everyone has a pile of brand new, unread books just waiting to be revisited. There’s no better time to crack open a fresh, new read now that the pace of day-to-day living has significantly slowed down.

  2. Meditate

    The global health situation has never been more nerve-wracking, so remember to pause and give your mind a chance to recover from all the anxiety going around. Turn the lack of social activity into an opportunity for some healthy introspection.

  3. Invent new games out of day-to-day activities

    There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to boost everyone’s spirits at home. You don’t need to have cards, board games, or video games to play. With just a little creativity, you can discover hidden games in chores like washing the dishes or doing the laundry.

  4. Declutter and clean up your home

    When you feel like you’re running out of things to do, try organizing your living spaces and doing some deep cleaning. You’ll reward yourself with a neater, more pleasant home—and you might even find items to donate.

  5. Try out new recipes

    Whether you’re an experienced home cook or still trying to learn the ways of the kitchen, this is a great time to try new recipes. Not only can you discover new meals, you can also save a lot from not ordering food deliveries.

  6. Watch a show or movie you’ve never considered watching before

    There is so much content out there right now, it’s so easy to discover a hidden gem. From international films to TV series you never got a chance to follow in the past, your next new favorite may just be a click away.

  7. Treat yourself to some quality sleep

    Just like quiet time for meditation, deep sleep can be a luxury when you live a fast-paced lifestyle. These trying times present plenty of opportunities to let your body catch up on quality sleep, so don’t miss out.

  8. Create something

    From writing in a journal to doodling and scribbling aimlessly, the act of creating is a great way to exercise the mind or release pent up stress. Want to put your creativity into more practical use? Try building furniture and decorative items for your house.

  9. Reach out to family and friends you don’t get in touch with often

    One of the most important messages you can send to your loved ones during these challenging times is that they are not alone. Get in touch with distant relatives and friends to let them know that they have your emotional support.

  10. Plan for your next big project

    Thinking about a new passion project? Or getting ready for a new chapter in life like moving to a new home? This is your chance to lay the groundwork for your next big step.

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